Joint Statement on the Need for Pay-As-You-Go Discipline

Publication Date: October 2007

Publisher: Concord Coalition (Washington, D.C.); Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Washington, D.C.); Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (U.S.); Committee for Economic Development


Research Area: Banking and finance

Keywords: Economic projections; Fiscal future; Federal budget; Tax code

Type: Report


The four organizations joining in this statement have come together on a number of occasions in the past to express their concern about the threat that chronic deficits pose, and their support for Pay-As-You-Go rules (PAYGO) to help prevent the deficit situation from becoming worse. We are joining together again today, as lawmakers turn to year-end measures such as extending Alternative Minimum Tax relief, to urge in the strongest possible terms that they keep faith with their commendable pledge to strictly enforce PAYGO.