National Council of La Raza: The First 25 Years

Publication Date: July 1993

Publisher: National Council of La Raza

Author(s): Raul Yzaguirre; Emily Gantz McKay; Raul Yzaguirre; Emily Gantz McKay

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: Hispanic population; Corporate history; Civil rights; Ethnic communities

Type: Report

Coverage: United States United States


This brief history chronicles the roots and development of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) from its beginnings in 1968 as a regional Mexican American organization in the Southwest to its status 25 years later in 1993 as a constituency-based national Hispanic organization. Drawing upon external analyses, internal documents, and the remembrances of many individuals who helped to shape NCLR, the history highlights the formation, growth, and development of the organization over its first 25 years. It focuses on major movements within and outside the Hispanic community, on the "defining moments," and on critical decisions which directed NCLR.

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