Missing Out: Latino Students in America's Schools

Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher: National Council of La Raza

Author(s): Sarah Dolan; Sarah Dolan

Research Area: Child Development

Keywords: Hispanic population; Public education; Child development; Educational attainment

Type: Brief

Coverage: United States United States


Missing Out: Latino Students in America’s Schools is a statistical snapshot that provides information on a student population whose academic outcomes will define the success of our public education system and indicate whether our nation is prepared to compete in a global economy. Latino children constitute one-fifth of the under-five population and are the nation’s largest and fastest-growing minority; as such, they represent the very future of the American workforce. However, Latino students continue to miss out on critical learning opportunities and perform at lower levels than their peers. We need to make investments in their learning now to ensure their future success as students and as productive members of the U.S. economy.