Opportunity Compact: Blueprint for Economic Equality

Publication Date: July 2008

Publisher: National Urban League. Policy Institute

Author(s): Valerie Rawlston Wilson; Renee Hanson; Mark McArdle

Research Area: Economic Inequality

Keywords: Health disparities; Children's education; Upward economic mobility

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


The Opportunity Compact is a comprehensive set of principles and policy recommendations set forth by the National Urban League (NUL) designed to empower all Americans to be full participants in the economic and social mainstream of this nation. In pursuit of this end, NUL 1) identifies principles that reflect the values inherent in the American dream; 2) examines the conditions that have separated a significant portion of the American population - particularly the poor and disadvantaged residents of urban communities - from accessing that dream; 3) proposes, for honest evaluation and discussion, several policy recommendations intended to bridge the gap between conceptualization and realization of the American dream.